How to Automate SARS-CoV-2 RNA Extraction with a Personal Robot

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When the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic hit, most life scientists turned to high-throughput RNA extraction, detection, and sequencing to help stop its spread. The scale of these efforts caused a supply and resource shortage that revealed the need for more flexible extraction protocols that extracted the most viral RNA from samples without compromising throughput or reproducibility.


Enter the personal lab robot, next-gen sequencing technology that allows scientists in every kind of organization to automate multiple RNA extractions at once with minimal hands-on time, and without sacrificing reliability.


Watch this 25-minute webinar for:

  • How personal robots are changing workflows in the lab
  • Watch a step by step walkthrough of our SARS-CoV-2 RNA extraction workflow using the Beckman Coulter Life Sciences RNAdvance Viral kit (C63510)
  • Q&A and get answers to your specific questions on lab automation robots and RNA extraction



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jethary-rader_bw_100x100 (2)Jethary Rader

Senior Research Technician, Opentrons





Jethary joined Opentrons in 2019 after working in an evolutionary genomics lab at Princeton University. Jethary earned a biology degree in 2018 at Reed College.





Mike Asham

Director of Applications Sciences and Solutions, Opentrons





Mike joined Opentrons in 2021 as the Director of Applications Sciences & Solutions.   He has a diverse automation background with over 10+ years in the field using a variety of high throughput platforms and research experience specializing in Genomics & Molecular




Originally aired 07/14/2021