How to Do Preventive Maintenance on the OT-2 Pipetting Robot



Conducting routine maintenance can extend the life of your liquid handling equipment and is something you can actually do by yourself with Opentrons equipment!


During a preventive maintenance check, you will review the operation of your OT-2, pipettes, and modules to ensure they’re functioning optimally.


In this webinar, we’ll share the steps you should include in a routine maintenance check that ensure you clean, monitor, repair, and replace components that show signs of wear or potential failure. We’ll also discuss how often to perform maintenance. No engineering experience is required: anyone can run a maintenance operation on the OT-2.

This 30-minute webinar provides useful tips on:

  • How to conduct preventive maintenance on Opentrons equipment—yourself
  • How frequently you should calibrate to minimize downtime
  • What types of maintenance should NOT be done on the OT-2
  • Where to find Opentrons’ preventive maintenance documentation


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Ethan-Jones_200x200 (1)Ethan Jones

Manager of Technical Support, Opentrons





For the past 5+ years Ethan has been working in technical support roles at life science companies. He joined the Opentrons family in November 2018 and was responsible for building out the support team, its process, and its transparent ethos at Opentrons. By leading and working with the technical support team, Ethan plays an integral role in defining Opentrons' support standards.




mike-asham_bw_100x100Mike Asham

Director of Applications Sciences and Solutions, Opentrons





Mike joined Opentrons in 2021 as the Director of Applications Sciences & Solutions. He has a diverse automation background with over 10+ years in the field using a variety of high throughput platforms and research experience specializing in Genomics & Molecular


Originally aired 12/16/21