Use Modular Automation for Higher Liquid Handling Throughput



In its heyday, Henry Ford’s assembly line was the height of innovation. 


But it had its limitations. A product could only move down the line as fast as the products ahead of it: if machinery failed down the line, the entire line came to a stop until the error was resolved.


In 2018 Audi responded by developing what it calls ‘Modular Assembly’—an advanced assembly line method that improves throughput by increasing the efficiency of parallel subassembly lines feeding into the final assembly line. 


Now, Opentrons has married Modular Assembly with Liquid Handling Automation to arrive at ‘Modular Automation’—an advanced lab automation method that improves throughput by increasing the efficiency of parallel workflows feeding into the final workflow. 


Watch this 50-minute webinar to learn how Modular Automation can help your lab:

  • Increase throughput
  • Reduce downtime from equipment failure
  • Save on the cost of equipment repair
  • Increase reliability of your automated pipeline



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Kathryn-Liles_200x200Kathryn Liles

Applications Consulting Engineer, Opentrons





Kathryn joined Opentrons after working as an Application Scientist for Tecan. Prior to that, she worked in labs at Monsanto and the USGS.  Kathryn earned a biology degree from Iowa State University in 2013. 



mike-asham_bw_100x100Mike Asham

Director of Applications Sciences and Solutions, Opentrons




Mike joined Opentrons in 2021 as the Director of Applications Sciences & Solutions. He has a diverse automation background with over 10+ years in the field using a variety of high throughput platforms and research experience specializing in Genomics & Molecular


Originally aired 08/25/21