Tips and Tricks for Handling Viscous and Volatile Liquids on OT-2



We will guide you through optimization of viscous and volatile liquids in a step by step approach on the OT-2. The webinar takes examples of commonly used liquids in upstream and downstream applications. The webinar will stand out as a perfect guide to help you optimize similar liquids implemented in your protocol.


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  • OT-2 liquid handling capabilities 
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  • Implementation of Python API 
  • Improve CVs of your protocols
  • Reduce cross contamination on the deck

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  • Users transitioning to use Opentrons Python API

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4AEA2EB5-EC4F-4F61-A0FB-3721CEB9580A_1_201_aAnurag Kanase

Process Development Scientist, Opentrons




Anurag Kanase joined Opentrons in 2021 and has been leading the liquid handling optimization on the OT-2. Anurag earned a masters degree in Physics and Bioengineering from Northeastern University, Boston.


Originally Aired 01/11/23