Automated PCR with an On-deck Thermocycler


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Interested in automating your endpoint PCR with an on-deck thermocycler? This webinar will introduce you to our next-generation Opentrons Thermocycler Module. Learn about the module and how it works with the Opentrons platform and software. And get an overview of performance data from our lab demonstrating amplification uniformity across 96 wells.


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Who Should Watch:

Scientists looking to automate more applications, including

  • Senior, Principal or Associate Scientist  
  • Lab Technicians 
  • Lab Managers or Directors 
  • Automation Specialists or Engineers


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MikeMike Todaro

Senior Product Manager, Opentrons




A graduate of Cornell University in Ithaca NY, Mike has over 10 years of full lifecycle product and program management experience, supporting and delivering new software and hardware technology in robotics, automotive, aerospace, and defense. At Opentrons, Mike is responsible for the delivery of new module hardware products like the heater-shaker; gathering requirements, guiding the design and validation process, and coordinating the product launch.




Zachary Galluzzo

Associate Scientist, Opentrons



M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from Binghamton University and multiple years of experience in a wet lab research environment at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island. At Opentrons, Zach uses his his knowledge of nucleic acid extraction and PCR to help develop and improve protocols on the OT-2 for customers to use. He is also involved in testing these protocols on new modules at each stage of their lifecycle.


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Matthew Akana

Associate Scientist, Opentrons




Originally Aired 03/15/23