Automate Biology Lab Protocols with the OT-2 Python Protocol API


Expanded NGS Workstation (WHITE)-2

Learn how to navigate the Opentrons ecosystem and how to automate lab protocols using Opentrons Protocol Library, Designer and API.


Watch this 30-minute webinar for:

  • Accessing and modifying protocols from the Opentrons Protocol Library
  • Opentrons Designer and API 
  • Integrating any piece of labware into your OT-2 workflow
  • Writing your own Python protocols from scratch


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A38F6C1D-2B5C-4EB1-8E9F-52CBC474500D_1_201_aNicholas Diehl

Applications Engineering, Opentrons




Nick graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Biomedical Engineering degree. He joined Opentrons in 2019 to deliver bespoke solutions to OT-2 users around the world.



ramiRami Farawi

Applications Engineer, Opentrons






Rami received his education in Chemical Engineering, with industry work experience in the handling, and maintenance of continuously stirred-tank reactors. He also has experience in academic research at the University of Michigan, determining the melting curves of various carbonates on ocean sea-floors, with scientific publications in the American Mineralogist.


Originally Aired 05/05/2022