Getting to Know the OT-2



Looking into buying an OT-2 or have heard about it?  This webinar takes you through the OT-2 and its ecosystem to help answer your questions without going through a full-on demo or sales call.


Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn:

  • OT-2 capabilities and important features 
  • The OT-2 ecosystem
  • Top OT-2 applications


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Nick-Diehl_200x200Nicolas Diehl (Moderator)

Applications Engineer, Opentrons





Nick graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Biomedical Engineering degree in 2018. He joined Opentrons in 2019 to deliver bespoke solutions to OT-2 users around the world.



Rami Farawi

Applications Engineer, Opentrons





Rami graduated from the University of Michigan with a ChE degree. He joined Opentrons in 2021 as an Applications Engineer and has been instrumental in enabling multiple OT-2 systems in various laboratories.


Originally Aired 06/22/22