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Lab automation made easy. And affordable.

Flexible, open-source and user-friendly, the high-precision OT-2 lab robot is ideal for a wide variety of applications


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Flexible, open-source, and user-friendly.

The high-precision OT-2 lab robot is ideal for a wide variety of applications:






Cell-based assays


Biochemical assays


Drug discovery

Highly flexible

Configure it to your requirements.


  • 11-deck platform with options for Magnetic, Temperature, and Thermocycler Modules
  • Swappable single and eight-channel pipettes for multiple volume options
  • Standardized (SBS) deck slots work with your existing labware

Outstanding Performance

Accurate and Precise.


  • Accuracy: 15% at 1µL
  • Precision: 5% at 1µL
  • Throughput: Fills a 96-well plate in 22 seconds
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Intuitive, and integrates easily.


You can set up and install the OT-2 yourself. It's plug-and-play, with immediate access to protocol libraries. It easily integrates to your existing instruments and is reagent and bead system agnostic. 

Choose the free protocol you prefer: beginner-friendly or advanced, with powerful cloud-based tools to gain unmatched control of your workflow.



Open source

Customizable control for maximum versatility.


  • 100% customizable—you can modify according to your assay
  • Use the simple, yet powerful Python AI to modify or customize protocols
  • Digital protocol commands surpass manual pipetting
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Easy to use. Support if you need it.


No technician needed to set up or calibrate


Real-time chat support on any device


Dedicated account managers available at every step


Try it out with a 60-day demo

We’ve rethought lab automation from the ground up.

OT-2 Tech Specs Overview 1
OT-2 Deck Outline 1

Compact footprint

  • 63cm x 57cm x 66cm / 25in x 22.5in x 26in (W,D,H)
  • Takes up half of your standard lab bench

Pipette configurations

  • Single and 8-channel pipetting
  • 2-pipette mounts, for a configuration of 1 or 2 single or 8-channel pipettes. Pipettes are easily interchangeable.

Pipette volumes and specs


  • 11 deck slots enable countless configurations
  • Deck slots are compatible with standard SBS dimensions. Deck also includes a removable trash bin.



  • 48kg or 105.8 lb


  • Integrated video camera (Included for future or custom functionality)


  • Integrated audio system (Included for future or custom functionality)

Power Requirements

  • Robot Power Input: 36VDC, 6.1A
  • Power Adapter Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 4.0A/115VAC, 2.0A/230VAC
  • For additional power requirement information, please review this support article

Frame composition

  • Rigid steel and CNC aluminum design

Operating Temperature & Relative Humidity


Fills a 96-well plate in 22 seconds

Time to fill 96-well plate
Pipette Distribute,
One Tip
Same Tip
New Tip
0:22 1:35 4:19
0:26 1:38 4:24
P20 Single
3:12 13:10 36:01
P300 Single
4:01 13:39 41:31
P1000 Single
5:54 15:21 44:50

Accuracy and precision

Single and 8-channel pipetting

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Single Channel Accuracy & Precision
Pipette Volume Random Error Systematic Error
  %D µl %CV µl
p20 1 ±15% 0.15µL ±5% 0.05µL
10 ±2% 0.2µL ±1% 0.1µL
20 ±1.5% 0.3µL ±0.8% 0.16µL
p300 20 ±4% 0.8µL ±2.5% 0.5µL
150 ±1% 1.5µL ±0.4% 0.6µL
300 ±0.6% 1.8µL ±0.3% 0.9µL
p1000 100 ±2% 2.0µL ±1% 1µL
500 ±1% 5.0µL ±0.2% 1µL
1000 ±0.7% 7.0µL ±0.15% 1.5µL
8-Channel Accuracy & Precision
Pipette Volume Random Error Systematic Error
  %D µl %CV µl
P20 1 ±20% 0.2µL ±10% 0.1µL
10 ±3% 0.3µL ±2% 0.2µL
20 ± 2.2% 0.44µL ±1.5% 0.3µL
P300 20 ±10% 2.0µL ±4% 0.8µL
150 ±2.5% 3.75µL ±0.8% 1.2µL
300 ±1.5% 4.5µL ±0.5% 1.5µL


Full polycarbonate enclosure designed to limit exposure. The OT-2 is not a sterile environment

Add the Opentrons HEPA Module, or add your own UV lights


For best practices on automating viscous liquid handling, review our application note

Viscous Liquid Handling Automation using Opentrons OT-2

API compatibility

  • Interfaces with any product that has an API
  • Opentrons software is open-source and users can make adjustments to the software as needed to interface with other products. While all integrations are possible, they all require custom code work i.e. most customers will need to write custom libraries and install software packages that are not shipped with the robot.
  • Learn more ›


Tip compatibility

  • Use Opentrons Tips and Opentrons Filter Tips
  • Opentrons guarantees the performance of Opentrons Tips which were specifically designed for the OT-2. The OT-2 was designed to accommodate all universal bore tip types, but tip quality and dimensions can vary significantly so third party tip performance cannot be guaranteed by Opentrons.

Labware compatibility

  • Use common labware already in our Labware Library, or add your own
  • If your labware fits on the OT-2 but is not in the Labware Library, it can be added by you using our Labware Creator, or by our team.
  • Learn more ›
  • OT-2 Manual ›


  • One year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Stress tested to last a minimum of 3 years of full-time use
  • Learn more ›

Return Policy


  • Certifications complete (CE, FCC, NRTL, CB, ISO 9001)
  • Not certified/validated (IVD, GMP)

Tip Handling

  • Pick up tip
  • Drop tip
  • Return tip
  • New tip (always, never, once)
  • More...

Liquid Control

  • Aspirate
  • Dispense
  • Aspirate speed
  • Dispense speed
  • Blowout
  • Touch tip
  • Mix
  • Air gap


  • Move to
  • Delay
  • User-specified pause
  • Homing
  • Comment


  • Basic transfer
  • Volumes > Pipette Volume
  • Distribute
  • Consolidate

Variable Settings

  • Speed
  • Volume
  • Count


  • Dispose

Watch our pre-recorded demo video series.

This 4-part series covers OT-2 product basics in detail, and provides an overview of the Opentrons ecosystem.