Opentrons Partner Program



Building Brand, Distribution, & Manufacturing Collaborations To Accelerate Life Science

The Opentrons Partner Program is designed to help accelerate scientific discovery and create competitive strength by offering unique turnkey solutions. We’re looking for  partners based on market opportunities, capabilities, cultural fit, and adding value to our Opentrons brand and expanding use cases.


  • Assigned Opentrons Partner Relationship Manager
  • Use Case Validation by Field Application Science team 
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • Volume Discounting
  • First Level Support training
  • Workflow & Protocol Development Services
  • Joint Marketing Promotions and Collateral
  • Quarterly promotions and development funds for dedicated marketing programs


We offer 3 tiers of partnerships

Emerging Partner

Companies that have experience with Opentrons and have the ability to resell or incorporate  5-10 Opentrons Robots. Emerging partners are in early stages of their solution, but have identified a dozen or more potential new or joint clients.

Solution Partner

Companies that have an active yearly forecast with an ability to actively resell or refer 100 Opentrons Robots. Solution  partners have a validated solution and an active client base ready for the proposed solution.

Enterprise Partner

Companies that have all elements of a Solution Partner and exceed yearly expectations, have additional internal resources, and the ability to offer  client support. Enterprise partners will often have product feature requests, prioritization of manufactured robotics, and expedited response with shipping, support, Partnership contact, and Customer Success Team.


Partner Qualifications (Must Meet 2 out of 5)

Opentrons has the equipment, protocols, tools, and support you need to automate your lab at a price point you can afford, and our equipment is easy to buy. Our Application Specialists focus on your lab - providing insights on what you'll need and how to get started, not what we want you to buy.

  1. You or your company personnel are experienced Opentrons users and have the ability to scale to a congruent market OR new markets aligned to Opentrons’ capabilities. 
  2. You or your company can commit to a minimum upfront order of Opentrons robots and forecast future business needs. A first order typically comprises a minimum of 10 Opentrons robots, modules needed, and  any necessary consumables.
  3. You have an existing client(s) that needs your solution combined with our Opentrons robot, and want to create a partnership based on a pattern in your customer base.
  4. Your hardware device, kit, or diagnostic requires clients to consume many Opentrons robots at one time
  5. You are comfortable with a sizable upfront order to show commitment to our partnership.

To learn more or become an Opentrons Partner, contact us.