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Learn about the OT-2 product ecosystem in a 30 minute video call. This option is best for those with questions.

Pre-recorded Demo Video Series

This 4-part series covers OT-2 product basics in detail, and provides an overview of the Opentrons ecosystem.
Why our demos are remote

The only way to offer affordable automation was to reinvent the model. Here are the benefits of remote demos:

  • Save $$$ by significantly reducing traveling sales team costs
  • Generate your own data during a risk-free 60-day in-lab demo
  • Enjoy free support & onboarding help throughout your trial
  • Trade time spent with Sales for time playing with the robot


Why Opentrons?

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1000's of labs in 40+ countries are automating with Opentrons, most often for the first time. Modernize your lab with us!

Try before you buy

Generate your own data and get a feel for how the OT-2 improves your day-to-day, before committing to the purchase.

Flexible payment options & returns

Ask us about our flexible payment options. You can also return the OT-2 within 60 days for any reason--although 97% keep theirs.

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Download our 18-page ebook, "Introducing Automation to Your Lab", an in-depth guide to bringing automation to modern biologists. 

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