McGill iGEM on the power education has to inspire the next generation of bio builders


Thursday, February 22nd

10:00AM LA, 1:00PM NYC, 6:00PM LDN


McGill iGEM recently won the undergraduate Grand Prize at iGEM 2023. We will be speaking to two members of the team about various aspects of their work. From discussing their project briefly, to speaking about the power education has to inspire the next generation of bio builders, to making tools and lab work more accessible for everyone. This conversation will be of interest to any young innovators looking to get into the field, or people looking to discuss how we can improve education in biology to enable more successes in Biology.

Sign up for this 60-minute webinar to learn:
  • Hear about this years winning iGEM project
  • Learn more about the project, as well as various educational initiatives that McGill iGEM runs to improve accessibility to biology for students
  • Talk about how we can all work to improve opportunities in biology and their importance for us growing with biology.
Who should register:

People interested in hearing about the impact iGEM has on the community - via an example of 2023’s winning project with McGill iGEM. 

  • Discuss community impact, and making research more accessible for undergraduates. 
  • Discuss educational initiatives, and actual McGill iGEM Project. 
  • Students who are passionate about learning more, or seeing how they can get more involved in synbio - trying to engineer biology
  • People who think that biology is the future, or those who really think biology is scary - plenty of good discussions to have both ways.

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Dan Voicu

Co-MD Nucleate Canada, McGill iGEM Advisor, Former Team Lead

Worked in various biology labs from Alzheimer’s to cancer immunotherapies, now working on SynBio and Metabolic Engineering. I love thinking about how we can make biology more accessible for everyone since it increasingly seems like this technology we are building has the power to reshape the 21st century. Also love to play all kinds of sports (from soccer, to tennis, running, climbing, swimming, cycling, etc), cook, and play piano!


Isabelle Guo

McGill iGEM Team Lead, Former Director of Media

A Neuroscience undergrad at McGill in the computational track, currently leading the 2024 McGill iGEM team. I’m interested in the fundamental problem of human consciousness and whether consciousness itself can be artificially replicated through the use of synthetic biology, computation, artificial materials, or otherwise. I’m also interested in using brain-computer interfaces to read and interpret neural signals. In my spare time, I love to draw (often), write (sometimes), and engage in heated debates with friends over the assortment of literature, essays, movies, and books I like to call “the culture”.