Generative AI-powered programming for Opentrons robots


On-Demand Webinar


Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) have the potential to fundamentally change how we create automated protocols for the life sciences.

In this webinar, we’ll present our work fine-tuning models and building user interfaces to support reproducible AI-powered protocol generation for Opentrons robots. By interfacing with the LLM, researchers can describe experimental protocols in plain language, allowing the system to intelligently interpret and generate the corresponding automated protocols that leverage Opentrons’ open-source Python Protocol API.

We’ll demonstrate the power of the model to suggest optimal parameters, troubleshoot potential issues, and adapt protocols based on specific experimental requirements.

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  • About the potential for GenAI to transform automation in the life sciences
  • How we are creating a model and user interface to support robust AI-powered protocol generation for Opentrons robots
  • Our vision for the future of AI in lab automation
Who should watch:
  • Anyone interested in applying AI to lab automation 
  • Scientists and automation engineers interested in testing OpentronsAI

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Jon Brennan-Badal

Jon Brennan-Badal

Chief Executive Officer, Opentrons Labworks

Gautam Prabhu

Gautam Prabhu

Chief Technical Officer, Opentrons Labworks