Opentrons for Education: Bringing lab automation to the classroom


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We’ll share case studies of university teachers who have incorporated automation into their courses and how simple this is even if you do not have any experience yourself. We’ll show ways to include robotics on a budget, and with minimal work to modify existing lessons.

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  • Why liquid handling automation is now regarded as a core skill that the biotechnology industry expects from new graduates
  • How university educators are incorporating automation into their existing lessons
  • How to incorporate robotics into teaching labs on a budget
Who should watch:
  • Educators of graduate, undergraduate, and K-12 students whose teaching includes a lab component

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Kennedy Bae, PhD

Associate Director of Product - Education, Opentrons Labworks

Dr. Kennedy Bae is a bio-optimist with the conviction that biology is the future of technology. She has spent the last 9 years launching products at the intersection of biology, software, and hardware. As part of her mission to accelerate bio-innovation, she is developing tools to bring automation to the classroom.