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Automating mammalian cell culture: best practices, pitfalls, tips, and tricks

Opentrons x Monomer

The Monomer Bio team will discuss methodologies for building fully-automated cell culture workcells leveraging the OT-2 in conjunction with other off-the-shelf instrumentation and the Monomer software platform. We will review hardware configuration strategies, execution of multi-day, continuous culture protocols, and general best practices for automated cell culture.

Originally Aired 06/22/2023

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Sam Alberg

Sam Alberg

Account Executive, Monomer

5+ years of delivering software and automation solutions for academic, biotech, and biopharma laboratories. Responsible for Sales and Marketing at Monomer Bio. Previously was an early employee at Benchling.

Carter Allen

Carter Allen

Application Scientist, Monomer

5+ years automating complex workflows and assays as an Automation Engineer and Application Scientist. Responsible for on-site workcell build, configuration, and software implementation at Monomer. Previously was an early employee at Counsyl.