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Opentrons Mass Balance Integration and Developing a Proxy High-Throughput Viscometer


This webinar will be a two-part presentation on (i) how to integrate a mass balance with the Opentrons liquid handling robot for automated gravimetric experiments, and (ii) how to utilise this set-up as a proxy high-throughput viscometer. This webinar will be particularly relevant for those working with difficult-to-pipette, viscous fluids. 

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  • How to retrofit the Opentrons for automated gravimetric experiments
  • Using the Opentrons as a proxy high-throughput viscometer

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Aniket Chitre

Aniket Chitre

PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge

Aniket is a PhD student in the Lapkin Lab at the University of Cambridge working on accelerating liquid formulation design via automation and machine-learning. He is on exchange in Singapore at Cambridge CARES and collaborating within the group of Prof. Kedar Hippalgaonkar at A*STAR to build high-throughput workflows.

Beatrice Soh

Beatrice Soh

Scientist, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR

Beatrice is a research scientist at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR (Singapore). Her research interests lie at the intersection of microfluidics, soft matter and high-throughput experimentation. She is currently working on developing high-throughput workflows for characterising polymer dynamics.