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Operating a Small-Scale Liquid Handler in a Large-Scale Core Facility


We discuss the challenges and benefits of using small scale automation platforms, such as Opentrons, in an academic core facility. Multiple specific examples of projects will be spoken of and detailed. Optimization and scalability will be highlighted as there are pitfalls to both.

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  • Functionality of a Core Facility
  • Case Study 1: iSPCS Differentiation to Cardiomyocytes 
  • Case Study 2: High-throughput Platform for Analysis of Adaptive Immune Responses
  • Optimization and Scalability of both case studies

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Rita Chen

Rita Chen

Senior Laboratory Specialist, Boston University

Rita Chen is a Senior Laboratory Technologist with multi-discipline knowledge, including biomedical engineering, synthetic biology, and bio-automation with robotic liquid handlers. A current student of the Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry (MCBB) Master’s Program at Boston University, Rita works in the DAMP Lab- a core facility that offers over 40 molecular biology services to the university and industry. Her expertise includes a wide variety of molecular biology techniques as well as combining computational and experimental approaches to integrate a large set of software tools with experimental hardware automation.