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Flex or OT-2?

Choosing the right automation platform for your workflows


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The OT-2 is the most accessible liquid handler on the market, trusted by thousands of labs for automating their most time-consuming life science protocols. The Opentrons Flex is Opentrons’ new, modular automation platform, offering increased throughput with gripper and 96-channel head, and transformed user experience, including automated calibration and touchscreen control.

In this webinar, we’ll talk through the main differences between the OT-2 and the Flex and offer guidance on which platform you should choose to best fit your needs. We’ll also offer some tips and tricks for adapting your workflows from one system to the other.

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  • The key features and benefits of both the OT-2 and the Opentrons Flex
  • Guidance on which platform you should choose to best fit your needs
  • Walkthrough of the Flex API and tips and tricks for adapting OT-2 protocols to work on Flex

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Rami Farawi

Rami Farawi

Senior Laboratory Specialist, Boston University

Rita Chen is a Senior Laboratory Technologist with multi-discipline knowledge, including biomedical engineering, synthetic biology, and bio-automation with robotic liquid handlers. A current student of the Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry (MCBB) Master’s Program at Boston University, Rita works in the DAMP Lab- a core facility that offers over 40 molecular biology services to the university and industry. Her expertise includes a wide variety of molecular biology techniques as well as combining computational and experimental approaches to integrate a large set of software tools with experimental hardware automation.