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A novel, fully automated and reagent-agnostic transient transfection protocol


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  • Automation of a classic protocol for transient transfection (liposome-based chemical transfection) in two adherent cell lines using the OT-2 and two reagents, FuGENE HD and Lipofectamine 3000.
  • Performance specifications obtained from automating the transfection protocol
  • Approach to determine transfection efficiency in two cell lines, A549 and HeLa , on the OT-2 , a method that can be easily translated to other cell lines or other transfection reagents.

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Vasudha S. Nair

Scientist, Opentrons Labworks

Vasudha is a Cancer Biologist and Data Scientist with extensive experience in both fundamental and applied research in academia and industry. She earned her Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the  National Centre for Cell Science in Pune, India. She has a certificate in Data Analysis and Visualization from Columbia University. At Opentrons, Vasudha develops methods for automating cell-based assays that are routinely employed in the field of life sciences.